As a business owner do you sometimes feel intimidated by your financial reports?  This is a common stress for many owners, because accounting isn’t their primary skill set!

When you look at your financial reports, does it seem like reading a foreign language? Emerick & Company helps you understand the story your numbers are telling.  Our team can then assist you in taking the necessary action to profitably grow your business.

No matter what business challenges you may be struggling with Emerick can help you fix:

  • Poor Cash Flow
  • Lackluster Profits
  • No or Out-of-Date Bookkeeping and Accounting
  • Current Bill Paying, Invoicing, Payroll, and Taxes
  • Accurate and Complete Financial Reports
  • Understanding Tax Implications When Making Business Decisions
  • Finding Lending to Grow and Expand Your Business
  • Reducing Your Overall Business Debt
  • Planning to Sell or Exit Your Business
  • Finding More Time for You and Your Family
  • Business Planning for Business Growth
  • Increasing Top Line Revenue

Basic Bookkeeping Services

Basic bookkeeping services optimizes your accounting so the story your numbers are telling reflects the reality of your business.

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Financial Accounting for Small Business

Puts critical accounting expertise on your team more cost-effectively than in-house resources.

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Tax Consulting

Minimizing tax impact on you and your business is a 12-month job, not just a few hours when preparing to file your tax return.

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What Story Are Your Numbers Telling?

Contact us to find out the story your numbers have to tell.