Business growth is a systematic process. This makes it simpler than most people think.  The problem is most people, including many trusted advisors, don’t know the business growth process.  So, owners get bad advice from people they believe to be helping them.

Business growth happens in 5 stages.  Each stage has one, and only one goal.  Achieve the goal and your business organically grows to the next level.  It’s that simple. You can find out more about the 5 stages of business growth in the book Business Growth Simplified: How to Rapidly Create a Self-Sustaining Business on Amazon.

At Emerick and Company we advocate the business growth simplified approach.  Our consulting division can help you implement it using the SPARC Business Growth Framework.

A Systematic Framework for Business Growth

SPARC Business Growth Framework is a simple step-by-step model developed by Business Growth Simplified for implementing the growth strategy of business self-sustainability.  It assures you apply the discipline and accountability to increase your chances of successfully growing a more profitable business!

SPARC stands for Strategic Planning Action Recovery Cycle.   It evolved over more than 2 decades of hand-on use by owners growing self-sustaining businesses. SPARC will help you think strategically and execute tactical on what’s necessary to grow your business.

This business growth strategy consists of six steps.  The first three steps help you focus and prioritize strategically.  The last three help you focus and prioritize resources tactically to execute to achieve your desired outcome.

Watch the following video for a conceptual look at the SPARC business growth strategy:

SPARC Your Business Growth

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