What's 2018 Tax Reform Have in Store?

Most business owners are looking for strategies to minimize tax impact on their profit.  That means staying on top of the ever-changing tax code.

Emerick & Company goes the extra mile for our clients when it comes to tax consulting. We recognize planning your tax strategy is an on-going process 12 months a year. Tax planning is a process--NOT just an end-of-year tax return preparation event.

As your tax consultant, Emerick & Company is looking for tax minimizing opportunities year-round, so you get the benefits of:

  • Reduced stress and anxiety by taking advantage of tax-saving opportunities as they present themselves.
  • More predictable cash flow by addressing tax issues as they arise--NOT waiting until taxes are due.
  • Better decisions by evaluating tax implications before implementing business growth strategies.

Our tax consulting is better because we assess tax impact month-after-month as we complete your accounting.  We then use up-to-date financial reports to plan reserves for taxes to provide our accounting service clients better peace of mind.

Not Getting Year-Round Tax Advice?

Contact Emerick & Company to find out  the tax story your numbers are telling.