Is cash flow an ever-present problem?  Do you struggle to get the financing you need to grow and expand your business?  Emerick’s Financial Accounting for Small Business puts a complete professional accounting function in your business for the cost of an on-staff accountant and puts critical accounting expertise on your team including CFO talent!

What that means for you is:

  • Less stress and anxiety with better cash flow management tools.
  • Receiving expert advice on tough financial questions when making strategic decisions to grow your business.
  • REAL accountability for all aspects of your accounting functions across your company.

Emerick’s financial accounting for small business is meant to give you a professional accounting department without the price of a full-time accounting staff.  This service provides everything included in our basic bookkeeping service PLUS:

  • Advice on controls and systems for all your accounting functions such as A/P, A/R, cash management, payroll, tax filings, asset management, inventory, etc.
  • Regular financial advice and guidance for your business from a professional CFO.
  • Strategies to help maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of all accounting functions to support your growing business.

We customize this system specifically for your benefit so it provides you a comfort level with accounting that is aligned with the individual needs of your growing business.  Using Internet-based tools offers you 24 X 7 secure up-to-date access to all your accounting information.

Is Accounting and Financial Management Expertise Limiting Your Business Growth?

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